Join The One Young World Global Summit

May 16~19, 2022
Tokyo, Japan

Applications for Tokyo 2022 have begun!
We look forward to seeing what magic you'll bring!

*Organizations interested in sending a delegation should contact us directly here.

Eligibility for Application

  • Those between the ages of 18 and 32 with any current relationship with Japan (any nationality accepted).
  • Those who are interested in a wide range of global issues as well as have the ability to take action for any positive change.
  • Those who show leadership and passion to create a better future.
  • Those able to participate in activities with other One Young World Ambassadors in Japan in order to empower the One Young World Community.

Application Process

Delegates from Japan will be chosen by the OYWJ committee based on a video essay submission and interview.

To apply, you will need to record a video essay BEFORE filling out the information form below.

Video Essay Details:

One Young World has been empowering young leaders around the world to boost awareness of social issues, take appropriate actions and influence members of society to do the same. Please include the following in your video essay:

    1. How you have demonstrated leadership recently. Please give examples.
    2. The United Nations has 17 sustainable development goals. Which ones do you think are most important to Japan’s development and why?
    3. What contribution would you like to make to Japan or the World on one or more SDGs?
  • Format: YouTube Video
    (follow the instructions below)
  • Language: English
  • Video Length: 1~3 minutes

⇒ NOTE: Only videos under 3 minutes in English will be accepted.

To upload your video essay:

  • Record video essay and upload it to YouTube.
    (Click here for help on uploading a video.)
  • Obtain an embed link for the video.
    (Click here for help on embedding.)
  • Paste the link in the appropriate field in the form below.

If you pass the first stage, you will receive an interview arrangement letter via email from OYWJ. Any submission errors during the application process will be the responsibility of the applicant, not OYWJ.

Selection Deadlines:

  • Application Deadline: 
    2022 / 02 / 18
    23:59 JST
  • Interview Announcement:
    2022 / 02 / 28
    23:59 JST
  • Interviews: 
    2022 / 03 / 12 ~
In roman letters, please ・ ローマ字でお願いします。
Just in case our email doesn't arrive in your inbox ・ メールが届かなかった場合
※Send us the embed code for your uploaded YouTube video. ※Youtubeにアップロードした動画の埋め込みタグを入力してください。
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