The Global Leader Accelerator Program

Are you ready to lead?

The GLA ( Global Leader Accelerator ) is a unique, immersive and transformational leadership development program. It takes young people who have already demonstrated the will and potential to lead, and gives them the opportunity to fast track the development of their skills and put that will to the test at the annual One Young World Global Summit, one of the largest global gatherings for young leaders.

because it gives young leaders practice in leading in global situations with leaders from dozens of countries and cultures – not just “intercultural” with a couple of cultures.

because it gives young leaders practice in leading – creating new value to stakeholders, leading each other as a team to do so, and communicating the vision and strategy to stakeholders – rather than just managing projects that already exist.

because the GLA speeds up the evolution of the OYWJ Delegates from operational “Experts” who are focused on “my job” to high performing tactical “Achievers” to strategic “Catalysts” who use agile collaboration to create new value for stakeholders.

“Many of the challenges we face today are just too big and complex for any one organization or sector – or even governments – to resolve alone. It’s only by working together in partnership that we can hope to develop the long-term solutions that are needed.”

The Global Leader Accelerator (GLA) is designed to develop leaders to shine on the global stage at the annual One Young World Summit, with ongoing leadership workshops and coaching in Japan before and after the Summit. Participants can expect to:

  • DEMONSTRATE social commitment and values in alignment with Japanese government initiatives and UN SDGs.
  • BUILD a sustainable network and community of next generation leaders who are connected to influential global leaders, Japanese leaders, and high-potential young leaders from over 190 countries
  • TAKE CONCRETE ACTION that aligns core competencies with the UN SDGs to maximize value, social innovation, and national and global transformation
  • PRODUCE real results and DELIVER actual ROI with measurable outcomes from the projects the OYW ambassadors take on during the Global Leadership Accelerator program.

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