Japanese recording artist, Ai, to become OYWJ’s first ever Official Artist

October 19, 2020 – Tokyo, JAPAN: 

One Young World Japan Committee is proud to welcome Japanese recording artist, Ai, to the One Young World family as our first ever Official Artist. She will make her first appearance at the OYW Tokyo Caucus on October 23rd,. The Caucus is a regularly held event planned and executed entirely by One Young World Ambassadors. This year’s Caucus is especially important as it doubles as an official kick-off event for the One Young World 2022 Tokyo Summit.

Since her debut, Ai’s beautiful voice has transcended genres and borders, bringing smiles and excitement to people all over the world. Now a truly global artist, Ai has set out on a new path to embrace the SDG movement and help bring the world together with her new song  “Not So Different” that celebrates diversity and the commonality that binds us all as human beings.

One Young World is the world’s largest global forum for next generation of leaders. The platform aims to truly unite young leaders around the world under ONE banner of socially responsible leadership that transcends borders to find real solutions to today’s problems using the United Nations’ SDGs. As our first Official Artist, Ai will be leveraging her musical talents to help the OYW Ambassadors in their various quests to achieve the SDGs by 2030, using the One Young World Tokyo 2022 Global Summit as a catalyst to create more awareness and inspire more action.

Ai will be introducing her new song “Not So Different” to thousands of One Young World Ambassadors and other young leaders around the world at the live streamed One Young World Tokyo Caucus on October 23rd. She will also be sharing some of her thoughts on the Caucus’ theme of “inclusive leadership” and the need for all of us to come together again as ONE.

■ On October 23rd, Ai will release a new music video in collaboration with One Young World Japan

【AI】Ai sings her new song “Not So Different”
【OYW】North Korea and South Korea unite at the 2019 One Young World Summit in London, UK.
【OYW】Leaders from 196 countries unite under one roof at the 2019 One Young World Summit in London, UK.
“I think it's really amazing that young people can come together from all over the world and talk about things that transcend nationality, religion, race, or even disability. This is an especially important time for us to stop fighting and try to get to know and understand each other more. We’re not so different!!!! We all have the same emotions after all. I support One Young World wholeheartedly and wish nothing but happiness for everyone around the world!”
“Music has the power to transcend borders, language, religion and race, and bring people together. It can lift you out of depression, bring you to tears, and even give you courage. Music enriches people's sensibilities and has a great influence on their dreams and way of life. This is truly a One Young World. Every year, next generation leaders from around the world gather together, respect each other and passionately challenge themselves. Ai is not just a global artist, she cherishes the heart and subtleties of Japan. I’m sure the world will feel the power of her music and message when she performs at the 2022 One Young World Global Summit in Tokyo. The Tokyo Caucus is just a sample of what is to come.”
Kimihito Okubo
Chairperson, One Young World Japan Committee


Born in Los Angeles, USA. Raised in Kagoshima, Japan.

Japanese R&B star AI moves freely between pop, hip hop and dance, combining American soul with the deep emotion of Japanese ballads. Her international reputation has grown with exciting collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Jim Jones, Trey Songz, Lloyd, Jeremih, Boyz II Men, K’Naan, Judith Hill, Namie Amuro, Atsushi(EXILE),  Rain, The Jacksons and Chaka Khan.

With her trademark husky voice, she instills soulful undertones into everything from inspirational ballads to upbeat dance numbers. Especially in Japan, her music is known for its strength and substance. Despite the fame she’s achieved, her down-to- earth personality shines during every performance. As AI will tell you, she’ll do anything to get a smile from her fans.

Ai’s currently celebrating her 20th anniversary with her new album “It’s All Me.”

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