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Dates:        October 23-25, 2020

Location:  BMW GROUP Tokyo Bay

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One Young World holds caucuses around the world every year to give young leaders the opportunity to come together and propose solutions to today’s problems so that tomorrow’s prosperity is guaranteed for future generations. A tall task to be sure but, these caucuses bring both the public and private sectors together on a regular basis for real action-oriented discussions.

The 2020 One Young World Tokyo Caucus was held at BMW GROUP Tokyo Bay in Odaiba in collaboration with BMW Japan. BMW GROUP has been an OYW global partner since 2016, sending its own annual delegation of committed young leaders to the summit. The Odaiba facility usually holds up to 200 people for various events. However, due to COVID-19 concerns, and in line with counsel from the JNTO, both BMW Japan and One Young World Japan felt it best to socially distance, limit physical attendance, and create a hybrid event in order maximize an online audience participation and post-event social media engagement.

Consistent with our ONE YOUNG WORLD meets ONE WISE WORLD theme, each panel discussion connects experienced veterans with young leaders. No talking down. No talking up. We talk WITH each other. OYWJ Ambassadors design, coordinate, participate, and in some cases facilitate the sessions. Each session is tracked post-Caucus for further development with various partners.

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Opening Night

Opening night was attended by roughly 100 VIP guests and partners as well as select members of the Japanese media. Japanese actress and singer, SUMIRE, who was named One Young World Japan’s first ever Honorary Delegate, arrived in a black BMW M850i Cabriolet. Shortly thereafter, award-winning, Japanese recording artist, AI, who was named One Young World Japan’s first ever Official Artist, arrived in an arctic blue BMW M440i Coupé.


OYWJ Chairperson, Mr. Kimihito Okubo, kicked off the event with a short speech focusing on the importance of young leadership in Japan and around the world. With much anticipation, he then introduced SUMIRE to the world. SUMIRE gave an emotional speech bringing herself and the audience to tears when she highlighted that…

OYWJ Chairperson, Kimihito Okubo

“…extraordinary people come together in times like these to make extraordinary efforts to overcome adversity. We WILL beat COVID and we WILL return to normalcy soon enough because together we can overcome anything. Together, we can achieve greatness. Together…we truly can become ONE world.”


As the lights dimmed, the audience was presented with a surprise music video from AI featuring a new song entitled, “Not So Different” showing powerful imagery from various OYW Counsellors, Ambassadors, and events. AI took the stage and, in front of an already emotionally charged audience, delivered a moving speech to us all saying that…

“…we can CHOOSE to take that ONE step., We can CHOOSE to be better people. It’s not a contest. It’s just who we are.”

- AI -

Mr. Christian Wiedmann, President & CEO of BMW Group Japan, also gave a short but high-powered speech centered on courage…

“Through this ‘One Young World Tokyo Caucus 2020’, I hope that as many young leaders as possible get inspired to be courageous to go out into the world and take action. The sessions on the SDG’s of equality, peace, environment, education and economy could not be more relevant with the backdrop of the challenges we are all in today. Don’t let this opportunity go by unused. Be courageous. Inspire and create courage through your leadership and action now and in the future.”
- Christian Wiedmann -

The evening continued with 2 additional speeches from OYW Ambassadors, Ronelle King and Yosuke Nagai, and a short panel discussion touching on the immediate and the long-term impact of OYW global summits on Ambassadors’ mindsets and the importance of “inclusive leadership” featuring OYWJ Director, Tove Kinooka, Netflix celebrity, KAN, and the co-founder of mymizu, Robin Lewis.

Opening night and the resulting networking reception featured a number of products from our partners, with ALL trash properly separated and recycled responsibly. Coca-Cola’s IROHAS bottles were specifically handled by Coca-Cola to be reused for future IROHAS bottles. The product showcase included:

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OYW TOKYO CAUCUS 2020 – Day One Report
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