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Another high school joins OYWJ's Global Leader Accelerator program.

November 9, 2021 – Tokyo, Japan

One Young World (OYW) is the world’s largest international forum for young leaders with more than 2,000 delegates from over 190 countries around the world. The annual summit has been traveling the globe since 2009 and has chosen Tokyo as the location for its 2022 global summit with the generous support of Tokyo Governor, Ms. Yuriko Koike.

One Young World Japan will conduct the “One Young World Japan GLA (Global Leadership Accelerator) Program” to support the SDGs program of Fukuoka Futaba High School, leveraging its expertise and network in SDG-related projects. OYW Japan will promote this program as a part of our efforts to foster future leaders in Japan.


Fukuoka Futaba High School’s philosophy is to nurture “people who are grateful for their blessings and act as a responsible member of our global society.” To develop these global citizens, Fukuoka Futaba sets “high academic ability,” “high aspiration,” “high communication ability,” and “rich character” as its foundation. The school has also been focusing on English education for many years in order to cultivate international perspectives and encourage students to pursue their dreams. As a partner school of the World Wide Learning (WWL) Consortium, the school is promoting comprehensive global education in order to nurture future leaders for Japan and the world.

About 50 first-year students and faculty members of its GL course (Global Leader Course) will participate in the program and implement the project with OYW Japan members from October 2021 to May 2022. OYW Japan will work together with the students to create a learning experience that leverages OYW’s network as the world’s largest forum for next-generation leaders. OYW ambassadors who have participated in previous OYW global summits will also participate to provide a more practical learning experience. Project topics will be selected from issues related to community, society, and SDGs, and will be incorporated into concrete actions to solve a select number of issues through a series of meetings and research.

In addition to a number of workshops, OYW Japan will support the students with their sense of storytelling and English-language fluency to confidently present their ideas at “Student Pitch”, a pitch contest for the under-18 demographic during the OYW Tokyo Summit in May 2022.

"In our GL course, we place importance on "connection with international society," "inquiry-based fieldwork," and "practical English learning.” We believe that our students' learning experience will be further accelerated through this initiative with OYW Japan. Together with OYW Japan, who shares our desire to nurture the next generation of female leaders who can play an active role on the global stage, I am confident that the students will create a fruitful learning environment thanks to the GLA program."
"The 'One Young World Japan GLA (Global Leadership Accelerator) Program' is the only one of its kind in the world and it combines all 3 concepts of Futaba’s GLEP (Global Leader Educational Program); Global, Challenge, and Professional. I hope that the students will be able to gain a unique and special experience. I am looking forward to seeing all the students grow far beyond their expectations as they aim to communicate the results of their teamwork to the world in English."

Each GLA program is entirely custom-made, with OYW Japan working together with each school to realize the ideal learning experience. The following is an example of the program:

Program example (8 sessions)

  1. Guidance / Topic Decision
  2. Project Planning (group work)
  3. Hypothesis Presentation/Action Planning
  4. Ambassador Lecture Volume 1
    (by social entrepreneurs who have participated in the OYW Summit in the past)
  5. Action Results Presentation
  6. Ambassador Lecture Volume 2
    (by social entrepreneurs who have participated in the OYW Summit in the past)
  7. Presentation Workshop
  8. Presentation Contest & Debrief

There will be an one-hour online office hour between each session to give students an opportunity to consult. Both English and Japanese will be used.

GLA Coaches

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