April 1, 2022
Tokyo, Japan

One Young World Japan is delighted to announce its support for “WE HAVE A DREAM,” a collection of 202 dreams from around the world, as well as high school students living in Japan, leveraging our extensive experience and network with young leaders and their SDG-related projects.

One Young World (OYW) is the world’s largest international forum for young leaders with more than 2,000 delegates from over 190 countries around the world. The annual summit has been traveling the globe since 2009 and will be held in Manchester, U.K. this September.

More than 70% of the 202 people who contributed their dreams to the book “WE HAVE A DREAM” are OYW ambassadors, including the editors of the book (Mr. Taichi Ichikawa and Ms. Ibun Hirahara). OYW, one of the world’s largest next-generation leadership development platforms, has helped to create numerous SDG-related projects, many of which are featured in “WE HAVE A DREAM.”

High school students living in Japan are also showcased and will transcend borders and cultures to participate in various projects, working together to realize dreams. One Young World Japan will be supporting the “WE HAVE A DREAM” program from April 2022 with the following 2 schools:


Fukuoka Futaba High School’s philosophy is to nurture “people who are grateful for their blessings and to act as a responsible member of our global society.” To develop these global citizens, Fukuoka Futaba sets “high academic standards,” “high aspiration,” “high communication skills,” and “rich character” as its foundation. The school has also been focusing on English education for many years in order to cultivate international perspectives and encourage students to pursue their dreams. As a partner school of the World Wide Learning (WWL) Consortium, the school is promoting comprehensive global education in order to nurture future leaders for Japan and the world.

In the “WE HAVE A DREAM” program, students will connect with Caritta Seppä, the founder of a Finnish startup that develops and markets the solar backpack “Tespack.” They will learn about the vision that Tespack aims to materialize and the story behind the product development, and then propose PR and marketing ideas for Tespack in Japan.

Caritta Seppä


A sense of community is what shapes the Aoba experience. The school is dedicated to developing global-minded, compassionate, collaborative students inspired to learn, take risks, and lead change in the world. They believe that students should reach their full potential as international citizens who are dedicated to learning and who are inspired to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

In the “WE HAVE A DREAM” program, students will connect with three social entrepreneurs / activists from Papua New Guinea, Tonga, and Palau to learn about the challenges facing their respective societies and the solutions they propose. They will also work together to develop measures to expand those social entrepreneurs’ activities in their regions and have a greater impact on society, leading to concrete actions.

The "DREAM" Team

OYWJ x “We Have A Dream”
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