Dr. Michiko Ashizawa
Joins One Young World Japan

Michiko Ashiawa, PhD.
Dr. Michiko Ashizawa
March 31, 2024
Tokyo, Japan

One Young World is honored to announce the addition of Dr. Michiko Ashizawa as its newest advisor. Dr. Ashizawa joins a growing list of influential mentors helping to pave the way for Japan’s next generation of young leaders.

After graduating from Keio University with a B.A. in Economics, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Management, Dr. Ashizawa spent five years as a Japanese certified public accountant (CPA) at KPMG Tokyo. She later engaged in several corporate transformation projects at the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan and Advantage Partners, Inc.

She made her way back to academia serving as Associate Professor at Yokohama City University (Economics & Business Administration) and visiting scholar at Stanford University. She is currently Associate Professor at Keio Business School (Strategy & Entrepreneurship).

She focuses on practical entrepreneurship education and policy proposals for forming startup ecosystems with research interests focused on:

  • Venture capital’s role in the formation of startup ecosystems
  • Network structures to promote innovation
  • Private equity funds’ role in corporate transformation

She has additional experience as external director for several companies and currently serves on various committees for the Japanese government and the City of Yokohama. One Young World Japan is honored to have Dr. Ashizawa’s experience and insight in helping us create more opportunities for young leaders in Japan now and for years to come.

Welcome to the team, Dr. Ashizawa!
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