Our Vision

While our main focus is seeking out Japan's top young talent and dispatching them to the annual global One Young World summit, we seek to achieve operational excellence and build meaningful partnerships with industry, government, and academia using the principles below.

Creating excitement and momentum for the One Young World global summit

Creating and sustaining the passion, motivation, and energy of our delegates and partner organizations

Enlightening Japan on how to best leverage One Young World

Utilizing international networks, fostering global perspectives, and reaffirming national, historical, and cultural identities

Forming Strategic Partnerships For The One Young World Global Summit

Helping to create solutions and realize visions with our partner organizations.

Strengthening One Young World Japan Ambassador Networks & Their Social Impact

Reflecting the voices, ideas, creativity, and actions of the next generation in building the society they envision.

Playing An Important Role In Communicating Key Japanese Values

Solidifying the basis for what will connect Japan to the world for 100 years to come

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